Why Classic Friendly ?


Whether you’re a classic car or motorcycle owner, restoration specialist, parts supplier or MOT service centres. Classic Friendly is here to support and assist you in more ways than one. From saving the owner money with our discount schemes, to assisting the business owner with new business. We’ll let you decide which category fits you best. Please see the Directory for details or contact me Simon Downing

But first, let’s just give you an insight and hopefully answer any first initial questions you may have.

We’ll start with the Owner…

As many of you classic car and motor cycle owners are aware the 18th November 2012 saw the MOT scrapped for any vehicle registered prior to 1st January 1960.  This, you might think is a good thing and one less expense for your classic motoring budget…BUT wait a minute.

As the owner of the vehicle {car or motorcycle} you are legally required to ensure your car or motorcycle is safe and in proper condition to be on the road. The last thing you want is an invalid insurance claim!

Question: How do YOU know your vehicle is safe and road legal…who do you turn too?

Solution: Classic Friendly…rest assured you’re in safe hands.

“The aim of Classic Friendly is to provide owners, both existing and new, across the UK with an easily sourced network of good, quality assured approved garages, restoration specialists and part suppliers. This can be seen in a core value as you the owner are safe in the knowledge that your vehicle or motorcycle is with a Classic Friendly Approved business that has to pass a strict audit inspection before meeting our criteria and becoming a member”.

Moving onto the business owner…restoration specialist and MOT service centre…

It’s true to say that business is tough. From the day to day challenges, building and maintaining the business to generating new business, it all adds up. Whether you’re trying to increase parts sales, service sales or confirming the next restoration project, it all plays a role.

Part of the Classic Friendly model is to assist the business owner in more ways than one. For instance, when a vehicle or motorcycle owner requires a part, service or has a restoration requirement. They’ll locate your business through our directory. Combined with a new potential classic owner seeking advice and calling upon you to assist with the inspections before purchase or sale. It all counts, has endless value and most of all drives new business into your business. It’s a win-win for both parties.